Dieter Greven
Dieter Greven
Visual Creator

In short: Funny guy | wears jeans with holes, while others at his age wear suits | loves challenges | has dogs, no kids | sings in the shower | sleeps in the sauna | needs positive stress | loves good food | also gets there by motorbike | needs coffee and Red Bull | is house-trained | likes to laugh | may contain traces of sarcasm, irony and nuts

Dieter Greven is a business economist, picture editor and coach. Perfect photos and their refinement in image processing lie in his DNA and are his passion. Problem solver is his job and his daily bread. True to the motto:

Motto: There are no problems – only solutions.

Only those who think creatively have creative ideas.

In more than 20 years as managing director of an advertising agency, entrepreneur and photographer and as visual creator I was able to gain a lot of experience in post-production. Over the years I became an experienced retoucher. Most of my work was done for the cosmetic, industrial, technical, food, lifestyle, interior and exterior design and beverage industries. Product photography in my own professionally equipped photo studio in Euskirchen rounds off the service I offer perfectly.

The professional design of photo montages, graphics and illustrations lies in my DNA. This part of professional image editing is one of my great passions. As a freelancer, I feel particularly at home in the field of refining high-quality image material and always look forward to receiving corresponding orders. Of course, a non-binding contact is also necessary in advance so that we can find out together where your shoe pinches and which professional problem solution we can find for you.

The eye loves the beautiful things

…this is one of the reasons why companies and private individuals invest in professional image processing. When presenting products and services, attention to detail and authenticity count. The same applies to their own presentation – for example in the social media.

Attractive, professional corporate images such as visuals and key visuals are important for successful communication with your customers. They convey positive emotions, and purchase incentives are set. Also and precisely because of the psychological effect, professional image processing deserves its high value. Clean and friendly pictures leave an impression of the quality of the product and the appreciation of the viewer.


- Creation of product photos in the photo studio or on location - Detailed and colourfast picture retouching of product photos - Beauty retouches - Creation of advertising images and graphics

Photoshop & Co.

- Processing and upgrading RAW files - Design of matching picture locomotives and lighting effects - Image retouching and assembly or modification of objects

image editing

- Improvement of color values, tonal values, brightness, sharpness, etc. - Development of image looks - Optimization for web or print - Color fastness through calibrated screens & complete color management system

NOW it's your turn!

Looking for a specialist for image processing? Maybe you already have a specific project? Then you are at the right place. Write to me!
Together we will find a solution for your request.

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